“Nursing Care Training Room”

 is the division of Sendai City

 Health Welfare Organization.

 We have been implementing activities to promote knowledge and technique relevant to care and welfare equipment to the citizen and the care staff. Throughout the year, we provide a variety of lectures and trainings. Visitors can have firsthand experience of welfare tools and equipment at our Welfare Equipment Exhibition Room.

 It is a sole training institution in Sendai City, which can provide various trainings for dementia care from the basic to the professional. We have 16,000 visitors a year.

1.Acquire knowledge and technique of the elderly care

2.Learn about appropriate welfare tool selection and proper use

3.Pay attention to safe and secure living environment

4.Upskilling training programs for the care staff working at care


5.Provide visiting lectures about care requested by elementary

  school, junior high school, or local organization.

1. Total 475items have been exhibiting including specialized beds,  wheelchairs, portable toilets, etc. The staff provides advice about  appropriate welfare tool or home renovation for independence   

 support. We have 6,000 visitors a year.


2. Commencing with introducing welfare tools and equipment, we

 provide a wide range of services - introducing how to utilize care  

 and welfare system, consulting for home renovation, or providing

 information. We conduct 2,000 consultations a year by telephone

 or in person.


3. Our library owns 1,200 books and 50 DVDs specialized in

 nursing care. Visitors can utilize and borrow them from 9:00 to  

 17:00 on business days.