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Sendai City 

     Health Welfare


Sendai City Health Welfare Organization (SCHWO) is a public-judicial foundation established with the purpose of realizing the society where every citizen live together spiritually rich and healthy.


The business of SCHWO includes holding of various events, lectures, etc. and carrying out projects such as human-resource cultivation to promote senior citizens’ public participation, training program on care for the aged people, life-style disease prevention, care prevention of the aged people, health promotion of the handicapped people, and management of “Sendai Silver Center”, “Sendai City Health Promotion Center”, etc.


  City of Sendai



  March 28,1991



1) Cultivating and educating of citizens’ awareness to health and


2) Support to make citizens’ lives worth living and public

  participation promotion

3) Support to citizens’ health promotion and care prevention

4) Training, consulting and information provision on care for the

  aged citizens

5) Certification of needed long-term care and survey on certification

  of change of category of needed support for the handicapped

  entrusted by Sendai City, etc.

6) Carrying out projects of “Sendai City Health Promotion Center”

  entrusted by Sendai city

7) Management of “Sendai City Silver Center” designated by

  Sendai city

8) Other necessary projects to attain the purpose of this juridical



4.Number of Employee

  About 150


5.Annual Budget

  1,064,530,000 yen  (2015 fiscal year) 


6.Business of 2015(fiscal year)

  SCHWO will promote to establish the locally-based aging

  societywhere every citizen live together spiritually rich and

  healthy. We

  will also support in making citizens’ lives worth living, health

  promotion and carry out projects including visiting survey for

  certification of needed long-term care. With these in mind, we

  will contribute to the advancement of citizens’ welfare.


  In fiscal year 2015, in order to let individual aged people act as

  an active senior who can himself/herself contribute to the

  community by enriching one’s life, SCHWO will carry out project

  especially utilizing Information Communication Technology which

  is making rapid development recently.


  To commemorate the 5th anniversary of the Great East Japan

  Earthquake, SCHWO will hold events etc. dealing with current

  activities and topics leading to earthquake disaster

  reconstruction, making citizens’ lives worth living and health




The hub Center for realizing the society where every citizen can live together spiritually rich and healthy.


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We provide professional support for healthy living.


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