Sendai Horei Gakuen is

a school for the elderly in

Sendai City conducted by

Sendai City Health Welfare


  It is our goal to develop human resources who can take the lead  in the local community. We have been providing lifelong learning  courses to achieve safe and enrich society, and it guards the  

 elderly against isolation from their community.

1 courses 

(1) Comprehensive Life Course

  This course will develop the deep understanding about the

 structure of modern society and contemporary culture. The  

 participants learn to establish a peer relationship and to create  

 community through activities of health promotion or to find a new

 sense of purpose in life.


(2) Hometown Culture Course

  This course will develop a practical knowledge of local culture

 tradition, local exchange activities, and establishing a peer

 relationship through learning hometown history and culture.


2 eligible person and capacity

  Age 50 and over living in Sendai city  

  Each course 60 persons


3 learning hours and term 

  About 99 hours / year, two-year


4 tuition

  22,000 yen/ year